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I'm taking my leave Newgrounds.

2011-10-11 15:01:28 by DukeoOoHazrd

Sorry Newgrounds. I've been around for quite a while. I'll still keep my page up for interested people that want to hear my old stuff (and my REALLY old stuff), but I'm not going to be posting anything new.

I know this is hard for both of us... we used to be really close. But all things must come to an end, and this is ours. I've got an account on YouTube] that I've been using lately. It's not difficult to see that that seems to be working out a bit better for me.

It was fun while it lasted.


Mr. Hooves


2011-05-23 12:32:15 by DukeoOoHazrd

After the first week of my summer vacation, I still have no job :< but hopefully after figuring out that my older brother's best friend's wife is the manager for a Starbucks... maybe I'll get hired!

Also, I'm finding it difficult to make music recently. I just have no inspiration lately, nothing, nada.

Well, in a random note I'll have you know that most of my music's bit-rate is at 450 kbps! So if you're having trouble listening to any of them, it may be that it's just taking a bit to load.

If you can't tell I'm kind of board, which is why I'm posting this most useless stuff about... other stuff.
Well i guess I'll see you all after I make some more music, hopefully soon.


Dear Newgrounds,

2011-04-28 00:05:13 by DukeoOoHazrd

Thank you so far for your continued critiques and reviews of my music. I'm actually a bit surprised by the success (so far) of the last two songs I posted, Tribbith Forrest and Room BREAKER #1. Not only am I surprised by the positive feedback I've received even when the length and overall... "complexity" of the songs are quite sparse, but also that I haven't received any comments like "This is all you've done in 3 months???".

To be honest, I've just been extremely busy recently... and even not so recently. To validate my claim I'm actually taking a break from writing an eight page research paper for English to update my cobweb infested News Post page. I also have multiple Saxophone performance-related events happening (one of them tomorrow), along with a few Java files I need to write for my computer science class, a History final I desperately need to make a good grade on, and two composition pieces I need to finish (one of which I need to also start :P).

That's not to say that school is ALL I've been doing. I also have a few video-games that I've been itching to play some more of, a neglected MMORPG character, and a few personal projects that I haven't had any progress in in almost a year!

To be quite honest, I make a LOT of music on FL Sudio 10 (WOOT for the new edition!), but I only post about 25% of it. Most of what I make is cool in a sense, but could sound so much better if I just found the "Perfect Synth" for it. I bet a lot of other musical magicians out there have similar problems though. Another thing is that FL Studio has such a steep learning curve that I'm still boggled at how much I don't know after using it for two years!

My main problem though is keeping focussed on one project at a time. I'm actually not a very patient person when it comes to creation. I'll start something, something that I think sounds epic, but then I get frustrated that I can't make it sound exactly how I want it to. This especially applies if I know the tools that get it to sound a certain way, but I can't seem to figure out HOW to use those tools. I guess I'm just trying to make excuses though, I really need to just man up and spend like two weeks on "FL Studio Training" or something. I have a book about it that I've been reading here and there, but I haven't really done an in-depth all-at-once braincrunch of it.

So here's to education of the musical arts!


Change of Accounts???

2010-12-06 14:16:09 by DukeoOoHazrd

Hello again NG community... Looks like I'll be keeping this account after all! For some reason the audio-portal is taking longer than normal to "verify" my submission, so I'll just stay with this one. Besides, I already have a few people following me (Thanks btw! ^ ^) and people that have favorited my music.

So to celebrate, I'm posting the song that I was going to submit on my "other" account!

My recent brain-working!

2010-11-20 19:11:34 by DukeoOoHazrd

Hey guess what? I'm finally going to get off of my lazy a*# and watch ALL of FL Studio's tutorials this weekend. The next few weeks shall be immersed in a world of musical-getting-betterness!

Hopefully I'll learn more than what I am in my Music Composition class... It's all classical crap, where my passion is with techno/electronic. I just hope that these tutorials will actually benefit me...

So look forward to LOTS of HUGELY BETTER music coming soon! No more straight-voices throughout the whole song, I'll actually have effects that CHANGE during! :D I'm so excited!


2009-08-10 11:25:17 by DukeoOoHazrd



2008-03-05 22:40:39 by DukeoOoHazrd

But you should know that! So go listen to them! The songs!


2008-03-05 22:35:18 by DukeoOoHazrd